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Although the solutions on Automotive Workbench are designed specifically to fit the needs of the automotive industry, they can also meet the needs of many various businesses from manufacturing to medical.  Whether you are looking for a basic workspace with a little or a lot of storage for parts, supplies, or tools, we can design to your capacity to fit your needs.

A featured solution of Automotive Workbench is Rousseau-Automotive products that are flexible, modular, easily configured to adapt to any challenge, and meet all your automotive and professional requirements.  You will find information to resolve organizational problems for workbench designs, garage organization systems, service department supplies, and automotive storage issues. We at Automotive Workbench understand that our customers want to differentiate themselves in their image, layout, and choice of products.  In addition, with your industrial workspace organized for optimum efficiency you increase the productivity of your employees, and that is cost effective.

Be sure to look through the Automotive Workbench galleries in the Service and Parts/Storage pages for actual dealership application. There you will find examples of the Rousseau global technicians workbenches, stationary and mobile tool boxes, tech caddies, ergonomic seats, and specialized parts storage at locations such as Pontiac Buick Cadillac GMC, Lexus, Honda, BMW, Acura, Audi, Chevrolet, Garage Lalaval, and Autolux Vente & Reparation. You will even find Rousseau automotive solutions at The Indianapolis 500 with Rahal Letterman Racing.

The Automotive Workbench gallery allows you the opportunity to see first hand the ability of Rousseau products to provide optimization of floor space, and efficiently organize parts and tools with a modern attractive look.

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